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EXO makes me want to write fics.

Title: When The World Is On Pause, It Looks Like This.
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen, a little Fluff?
Word count: 498
Summary: The first time Chanyeol heard Baekhyun sing, really sing, he decided that he was in love. Or rather, in Chanyeol’s language, he decided that he would gallantly pay for the jajangmyeon they ordered every Tuesday and Thursday from then on.

Dedicated to my birthday girl, Tracey. You don't know how much you mean to me.

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a place called home.

hey guys :)

i realize that i haven't updated at all since forever, and some of you might think that i've already left livejournal, or forgotten about it, but the truth is, i haven't. it's always been there in the back of my mind, as somewhere i can go back to. i miss it here, i miss each and everyone of you, and i'm really thankful to those who haven't cut me and forgotten about me. right now i have to study for this really important exam even though it's more like procrastinating than studying, but i'll proceed to posting and commenting really soon - possibly at the end of June.

for those who have twitter accounts - because i tend to update there more regularly - here.

by the way, since i'm in the mood for fanfics, would you mind recommending some good fics you've read lately? it can be anything, from Harry Potter to JE or Kpop XD. thank you♥
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to my first love.

wow it's already the 3rd of November in Japan, which means, it's RYO'S BIRTHDAY XD and yes he's my very first (Japanese) love, as i fell for him around two years ago. even though my mind has been dominated by lots of people other than him, he's still... idk, really special?

so... uhm, happy birthday to you, Nishikido Ryo, and i hope to see you getting the lead role in a drama soon :)
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you have no idea how much i miss you guys, so SPAM ME WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT.
oh and if there is anyone who has a twitter account but hasn't added me— skynotes skynotes skynotes because all i do these days is tweeting. i already have like, more than 200 tweets in ten days lol.

ps. i think i've eaten way too much today lmao, i cant even move anymore.
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SHINee DAY book.

the photobook was really large, so that should explain why some parts of the pictures got cut out.

scanned at 300dpi. (sample)
MF: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004
MU: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | FULL thanks to the lovely princebelle.

if there's anyone that planned to upload these to other hosts, please do so and i'll gladly put the mirror links up here.

i left out all those landscape and horses pictures because i was too tired and didnt have the time to scan all of them. there were some pages that i also didnt scan because i was pretty sure we've all seen them (they were at the end of the photobook— again, i ran out of time and energy.)

the scans are watermark-free, so all i ask of you is to credit and not redistribute. linking people to this journal is fine, making graphics from these scans is also fine, but reposting them elsewhere is not. no exceptions.
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things like this happen once in a while;

did a small f-cut today.

→ we never comment at each other's journal.
→ i always skip through your entries.
→ you no longer update your lj.

most people i cut probably wont care enough to feel offended, but if you want to be friends again, just leave a comment here and i'll add you back asap.
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090704 → it's a great thing that you were ever born;

Happy Birthday, my first KAT-TUN love ever XD yes, Jin was the first one i knew in KAT-TUN, and the first one i fell for just ignore the fact that Kame took away the number one position the moment i heard his voice. even though i tend to pick on him a lot, i still love him, i really really do.

so please be healthy this year, dont go to clubs so damn often, dont throw away your talents for nothing, dont make your eye bags bigger everytime i see you, and SMILE SOME MORE. you look gorgeous when you smile, and actually, i dont even care if you look horrible with a smile or anything, i just want you to, genuinely, smile. that's why i love it so much when you guys pick on Maru, because you'll actually laugh out loud at those times. because i love it when you're happy.